Pennsylvania Insurance Department Issues A Friendly Reminder

Pennsylvania insurance department issues a friendly reminder why counties and businesses better obey Pennsylvania’s power couple’s orders if they know what’s good for them.

“Any actions that could potentially create coverage gaps are the antitheses of the civil duty required of all residents during these times of emergency.” PA Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman 

If Pennsylvania counties do obey Dr. Rachel’s traffic signals will they then be able to proceed through the “red” light without risks and liabilities? How many law offices will be specializing in Chinese Wu-Flu litigation and destroy local businesses that barely made it to “green” light?

Pa. Insurance Commissioner Warns Businesses Of Increased Liability Risks If Defying Coronavirus Shutdown Orders

May 11, 2020 at 8:45 am

HARRISBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is reminding businesses of the increased risks and liabilities involved if they decide to open against the orders of Governor Tom Wolf and Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman today reminded businesses of these importance for businesses located in counties in both the red and yellow phases.Jessica-Altman-photo-4_2_2018

Commissioner Altman’s reminder warned businesses that are choosing defying the governor and secretary’s business closure orders that many insurance policies contain clauses that exclude coverage for businesses or individuals engaging in illegal acts or conduct.

24 counties in the Northwest and North-central regions of Pennsylvania were moved into the ‘yellow’ phase on May 8.

An additional 13 counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania will move into the ‘yellow’ phase on May 15.

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Commissioner Altman says that these exclusions may apply to property coverage, liability coverage, advertising injury coverage, and a host of other essential coverages.

“Businesses and residents rely on insurance coverage to protect them from liability, pay for covered losses, and compensate those who may be injured or harmed,” said Commissioner Altman in a press release. “It is the duty of every business and resident in Pennsylvania to ensure that they and the public at large are provided with the maximum level of protection afforded by insurance. Any actions that could potentially create coverage gaps are the antitheses of the civil duty required of all residents during these times of emergency.”

The Insurance Department is strongly encouraging businesses or residents who have questions or concerns regarding their insurance coverage as counties and the state begin the process of reopening businesses to reach out to their insurance provider.

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