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“Stay Home”

Daily Order During The Levine Show: “Stay Home”

…lockdowns were administered with little consideration that they might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than COVID-19 itself.

‘While we often hear that lockdowns are driven by scientific models, and that there is an exact relationship between the level of economic activity and the spread of [the] virus – this is not supported by the data,’ the report says.  Continue reading

Pennsylvania’s Lockdown Day 59

wolftom 040920Wolf insisted that elderly people infected with the COVID-19 virus be sent back to their nursing home — resulting in the catastrophic transmission of the disease.

Rachel Levine, ensured that her 95-year-old mother was not subjected to the same risk by taking her out of nursing home. Levin only admitted to her actions when Harrisburg television station ABC27 discovered what she had done.

In Pennsylvania 68% Of Coronavirus Deaths Occurred At Nursing Homes Continue reading

A 20-year-old man and a 75-year-old male victim

Who knows why but the national hit & run media doesn’t appear very interested in this incident.

Nursing Home Abuser Arrested After Posting Viral Video of Horrific Crime

What Does Gov. Tom Wolf Think

Gov. Tom Wolf: Pennsylvania Cannot Return to Normal Without ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine

Hannah Bleau / 21 May 2020

Pennsylvania cannot fully return to normal until a “foolproof” vaccine is available, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said on Wednesday. Continue reading