A Peek Behind The Curtain

Behing the curtain wizard of OZ

During the May 22nd Levine and Wolf Show in which questions are screened by the governor’s staff and no press is allowed to attend in person, Gov. Wolf offered a glimpse into Tom Wolf’s cerebral thought process used when Tom Wolf unilaterally decides whether a Pennsylvania business is essential or nonessential. wolftom 040920

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee: From WEEU, Governor Wolf can you explain why you declared flag manufacturers nonessential businesses?

Gov. Wolf: Yea again looking for every opportunity to keep people safe ah, and to allow people to stay in their home.

Brilliant… simply brilliant, this detailed explanation should silence all the haters and “cowards” who continue to accuse Wolf of “winging it” when deciding which businesses are essential vs. nonessential. Nothing to see here.

All Pennsylvanians should be so thankful for our inquisitive Pennsylvania media for without them how would we know WTF is going on. Keep submitting those questions to the Levin and Wolf Show. You’ll long be remembered for the feckless pusillanimous coverage of the Levin and Wolf Show.

Press Levine Wolf Show

Gov. Wolf takes time to  speak with a reporter after the Levin and Wolf Show

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