A Leader That Led From The Front And Would Have Never Been Kneeling Before Rioters

The Philly Purge

2020 05 30-e lee-philadelphia-protest and rioting

Peaceful protesters lead to the removal of a controversial statue under the cover of darkness.

Former Philadelphia police commissioner and two-term mayor Francis Lazarro Rizzo, Sr. statue removed under the cover of darkness.

Should The Liberty Bell be removed next? Why not ask and defer to the Philly rioters?

Shortly before 2 a.m., the truck drove off with the statue. Officials have not yet revealed where it will be placed.

After all the unapproved statues are torn down, they can start tearing the buildings down or renaming them, then rename all the streets with unapproved names and then of course burn all the banned books which should also include any unapproved films and pictures. This road never ends.

Mayor Rizzo was familiar with and had the hit & run media figured out.

Mayor Frank Rizzo statue PSP

Philadelphia removes Frank Rizzo statue amid ongoing protests

WHYY|27 minutes ago

Saying he “never liked” it, Mayor Jim Kenney on Monday said he had planned to move the statue later this month. “I can’t wait to see it go away,” Kenney said.


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