Another Tool

Take down all the offensive statues, rename all the offensive streets, submit to their multitude of other grievances, then take your knee before the rioters and maybe they will spare you and your vanquished city… or maybe not.

But when things do go badly you should not automatically expect any quarter from your left or right Brother (or Sister).

The overwhelming majority of Americans and police officers are too proud of themselves and their communities and will not be a tool. The mayors and the police chiefs that’s a whole different story as this past week has dramatically shown.

This phenomenon must be addressed by police departments post-haste. With the current “leadership” in most of the cities just sacked it will be both interesting what policies are promulgated and probably troublesome, e.g., If while in the performance of your duty a peaceful protester requests you take a knee and it poses no immediate danger or threat you are encouraged to do so.

The next front in the culture war: Police kneeling

Washington Post|6 hours ago

The scene was one of many hectic ones this week in Washington, D.C.: A police officer is being urged to kneel by protesters, and he obliges, before he’s quickly brought to his feet by fellow cops. Then he kneels again,

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday night repeatedly decried such scenes as an example of police allowing protesters to dictate their behavior. When Fox’s reporters cited the demonstrations, Carlson slipped in asides about the message it sent.

“Well, now we know who’s in charge anyway,” Carlson said at one point. “Interesting. Chris, thanks so much.”

After another reporter described such a scene in Atlanta, Carlson suggested it only fed the unrest.

“So as you heard, another city, police taking orders from and obeying the so-called protesters,” Carlson said. “No wonder they’re looting the shopping malls in Buckhead, because that’s what happens when you take orders.”

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