The Fake Phony Fraud Outs Himself

Pennsylvanians Have Missed Events They Will Never Get Back And Memories They Will Never Have. Most Pennsylvanians Have Missed Out On Life For Weeks Because Of The White Guy In The Mask, The Fake Phony Fraud 

He said again and again it was unsafe for graduation ceremonies, team sports, gatherings, parties, weddings, to visit your Mother on Mother’s Day you might kill her, to go to the beach, to got to church, attend a funeral, to visit a vehicle dealership, to open a state store, to sell real estate, to get a haircut, to go to a gym, have elective surgery, to visit a dentist, for bars and restaurants to be open until he says they can open, he ordered the state police to arrest business owners that defied his decrees but this… this is just too damn important.

The White Guy In The Mask, The Guy Who Called Pennsylvanians Cowards For Wanting To Open To Save Their Businesses Marches In Support Of The War On Cops The white guy with the blm sign

The white guy in the mask holding the blm sign is the guy who has been telling us or has a transgender telling us daily for months to stay home and keep six feet from fellow humans because your life literally depends on it. And stay away from your Mother or you might kill her. Marches in support of  blm while the New York Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police.

Wolf Not Praying For Your Local Business

Definitely Not Praying For Your Favorite Local Restaurant Or Bar. He Could Give A Sh#$ About Pennsylvania Businesses.

Wolf Hey You Can Have Your Constitution Back

Hey I Just Found The Constitution! Someone Had Thrown It In The Trash. Now Let’s Go Marching Against Them Racist Police. Kneel Before Me And Thank Me.

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf joins Wednesday’s rally, march against injustice, gun violence in Harrisburg

Penn Live|8 hours ago

Gov. Tom Wolf marched with protesters during Wednesday’s rally against injustice and gun violence in Harrisburg. It was the Pennsylvania leader’s first appearance at a public demonstration in the state as gatherings have been held in the capital city and elsewhere,


“Gov. Wolf, Mayor [Eric] Papenfuse and [Police] Commissioner [Thomas] Carter are at the front of the march. Roughly 200 people are marching, chanting “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.”

One response to “The Fake Phony Fraud Outs Himself

  1. Ronald C. Tyger

    the idiots of the State Police Backed him giving him 8 years of fB.S.


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