Absolutely Outrageous

 PA Gov. Who Nixed HS Graduation Ceremonies Marches In Support Of Cop-Hating BLM

At Least Some Lasting Memories Were Made In June

Wolf: Pennsylvania High School Graduation Ceremonies “Impossible”

Gov. Tom Wolf dashed any remaining hope that a high school senior might be able to participate in a traditional graduation ceremony. It’s not happening, he said.

The virus “has made it impossible for traditional graduation ceremonies to take place,” he said in a video message. “A lot of you are probably feeling angry about this, and you have a right to feel that way because you have been dealt a bad hand.”

Wolf: BLM Protest March? I’m Down With That!

PA Governor Shows His Support For BLM By Violating His Yellow Light Orders

The white guy with the blm sign

June 3, 2020

New York Black Lives Matter Leader Declares War On Police

Pennsylvania Governor Disregarded His Wu-Flu Orders To March And Support BLM Who Disregarded The PA Gov. Orders And Held A March In Harrisburg

2020 Life In Pennsylvania

Carl's TV

A Mostly Peaceful Tweet After A Night Of Mostly Peaceful Riots

Screenshot_2020-06-04 Feds, police fear riots, attacks in quiet neighborhoods - and warn that armed Americans will fight ba[...]

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