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Guilt By Association

BLM supporter Wolf declares all Pennsylvania police guilty

Wolf’s World: There was an incident in Minneapolis, MN that has received national attention, ipso facto, there is a problem with police in Pennsylvania.

BLM supporter Tom Wolf announced that, because of a police incident in Minneapolis, MN, he will grow the bureaucracy in Harrisburg by creating a Deputy Inspector General and a civilian review board to look into police misconduct. Without any proof or examples of anything, none needed in today’s world of course, Wolf pronounced all Pennsylvania police guilty and announced “measures to begin to address racial bias and misconduct in the state’s police departments” or at the very least turn over every rock and piece of coal looking for “racial bias and misconduct”.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Announces Policing Reforms

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Stay At Home…

Stay-At-Home, social distance, steer clear of friends and extended family, absolutely no large gatherings, only leave home for life-sustaining necessities, wash your hands for twenty seconds, that is unless you are protesting white supremacy then… Forget About It! Grab the family go pick up your Mother and go marching through Harrisburg with the Pennsylvania governor.The white guy with the blm sign

“COVID-19 among Black patients is yet another lethal manifestation of white supremacy.” Continue reading

Like A Virus

The Purge Continues

“America as we knew it is pretty much gone.” B. Frank Earnest, a spokesman for the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

As Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has said the virus is dictating what happens, not the government in this war. Continue reading