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I Just March In Their Parades

“But what Gov. Wolf is saying today is the Pennsylvania State Police, and all law enforcement in our commonwealth, are no better than those charged with Mr. Floyd’s death. This was clear when he ignored his own order and marched in Harrisburg this week during a pandemic with people holding signs that read, ‘Blue Lives Murder.’” President Dave Kennedy, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association

BLM supporter Tom Wolf said he couldn’t control the signs that other blm protesters were carrying in his blm protest march against Pennsylvania police in Harrisburg. In the very unlikely event that a reporter would ask him about the black lives matter leader declaring a “war on police“, The white guy with the blm signPennsylvanians could probably safely assume that Tom Wolf would say he has no control over what a blm leader says or does. Tom Wolf just supports them and marches in their parades with all the other marchers who were violating his own “stay-at-home” orders which for some reason he expects all Pennsylvanians to obey, because he’s Tom Wolf the hypocrite Pennsylvania governor.

But in Wolf’s world all Pennsylvania police bear responsibility for the acts of one police officer over a thousand miles away. Why, because he’s Tom Wolf the hypocrite Pennsylvania governor and supporter of black lives matter whose New York leader just declared a “war on police“.

Pa. state troopers’ union slams Gov. Wolf’s law enforcement reforms

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