Tear It Down

The Purge Gains Momentum

Federal and state committees need to be established to investigate all historical figures and current leaders for any utterances they may have made that could be considered racist in 2020 America. Then determine if there currently are any statues, buildings or streets in their name, or murals, etc. If any are found, regardless of context, action needs to be taken immediately, e.g., a statue anywhere, take it down, a street named after them rename it black lives matter, a mural paint over it and so forth. Take the current Virginia governor who dressed in black face… no wait that’s a bad example.

With today’s technology this task can be accomplished so much easier than say 150 years ago when these racists were running wild in our streets. Just one quick search provides a clear example of a closet racist and new target.

The racist 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln believed that colonization—or the idea that a majority of the African-American population should leave the United States and settle in Africa or Central America.  In 1854 Lincoln said that his first instinct would be “to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia” Lincoln was a racist… case closed. Removing a monument to a racist President of the United States would send an unequivocal message that no one is safe, we are all in this together and the healing can begin.

Tear It Down

Memorial to Racist Lincoln

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