Traveled 2405 Miles

Traveled 2,405 miles from Liberia, Africa to Minneapolis, Minnesota To Tell Americans How Rotten Our Country Is

Hey Liberian dude you did not have to come here, if Americans want to hear how racist their country is they can read an American newspaper, tune into NPR, watch the news or a Nascar prerace show.

While in our country (this is NOT his country), likely to attend an American college/university, this Liberian participates in the sacking of an American city and then  on national TV lectures us on how much our country sucks. This is who our politicians invite into our country. Makes one wonder why cities are burning. He came to our country by choice. If the USA is half as bad as he believes it is, he should go back to Liberia. America will get along just fine without him.

Couple Pics From Life In The Slums of Liberia

How many other foreigners and/or illegal immigrants have participated in these riots? The American people will never know. Because our politicians aren’t interested in that information as it could be embarrassing, therefore it is not collected. That information is not as important as how many drivers were arrested over a holiday weekend for not wearing their seat belts.

liberian slums

Typical Liberian Slum

Liberian police fire tear gas, water cannon to clear protesters

Liberia June 7, 2019

Thousands protest in Liberia against corruption, economic …

June 7, 2019 / 9:10 PM / a year ago. Thousands protest in Liberia against corruption, economic decline. 3 Min Read (This June 7 story corrects paragraph 8 to show petition was circulated, not …


Former Liberian president Charles Taylor found guilty of …

On April 26, 2012, former Liberian president Charles Taylor is found guilty of abetting horrific war crimes, including rape and mutilation in Sierra Leone.


Born in Arthington, Montserrado County, Liberia, Taylor earned a degree at Bentley College in the United States before returning to Liberia

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