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If You Want To Take A Knee Go To Church Or A NFL Game Or A NASCAR Race

“This was about defunding and abolishing the police officers. And you’re going to take a knee for that? It’s ridiculous.” John Catanzara, President Chicago FOP

Chicago police union boss says he’ll boot cops who kneel with protestors

By Jorge Fitz-Gibbon / June 11, 2020

The head of Chicago’s powerful police union said any cop in the city who takes a knee during George Floyd protests will be booted, according to a report. Continue reading

“Who’s in charge here?”

Wolf’s counsel suggests the PA secretary of health might be in charge.

Levine and Wolf

The PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine answers a question submitted by the media and then read by a PA state employee during an episode of the Levine & Wolf Show covered by the media with no media present. Wolf is visible in the background. Continue reading

Moving From Statues To Your Books