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Was Only A Matter Of Time

george-washington-statue- Portland OregonWho Voted For This

A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate Monuments. Certainly a majority of Americans would oppose toppling a George Washington statue and defacing it with ‘F*** Cops’.

Mob Rules

With no political leaders defending the history of the greatest country in the world, it was of course only a matter of time before the mob came for our countries founders.  And the mob is not done yet. While our historic monuments are being destroyed almost daily with impunity, our “leaders” in Harrisburg and Washington are busy reforming the police. When will someone tell the mob “Enough!?” The white guy with the blm sign

Black Lives Matter, the group supported by PA Gov. Tom Wolf, topples George Washington statue and defaces it with ‘F*** Cops’. Continue reading

PA Loses Some Historic Statues But Gains A Special Holiday

South Philadelphia Columbus Statue

But it’s not just in South Philadelphia. In Chester, Pennsylvania, a Columbus statue has been wrapped in a blue tarp.

Gov. Wolf honors Juneteenth; Pa. workers under governor’s jurisdiction get a special holiday Continue reading