PA Loses Some Historic Statues But Gains A Special Holiday

South Philadelphia Columbus Statue

But it’s not just in South Philadelphia. In Chester, Pennsylvania, a Columbus statue has been wrapped in a blue tarp.

Gov. Wolf honors Juneteenth; Pa. workers under governor’s jurisdiction get a special holiday on|21 hours ago

Black power symbol at the Black Lives Matter rally and march in Harrisburg

Black power symbol at the  Back Lives Matter rally and march in Harrisburg


Friday marks the first anniversary of Pennsylvania declaring June 19 as Juneteenth National Freedom Day. For the first time, Gov. Tom Wolf is also marking it as a special holiday closure for the employees under the governor’s jurisdiction.


The city of Philadelphia is observing Juneteenth as a holiday; all city offices and facilities will be closed to the public. Montgomery County is also closing its offices for Juneteenth.

State Rep. Sue Helm, a Dauphin County Republican, sponsored the legislation that established Juneteenth as a state holiday. It took Helm years to get the measure through the General Assembly.


Under the state law, employers aren’t compelled to treat it as an official holiday. Nonetheless, some businesses, including banks, will be closed Friday in observance of Juneteenth. [Choose not to celebrate with enough enthusiasm and see how that goes.]

Events honoring Juneteenth are planned across central Pennsylvania.


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