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Don’t Leave Home Without It

The High Priestess Levine of what is and what is not socially acceptable decrees “masks must be worn [in Pennsylvania] whenever anyone leaves home.”

Good News: Apparently the mostly-peaceful rioting and desecration of statues is over.

Bad News: Therefore the Chinese Wu-Flu is back and it’s time to crackdown again.

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A Police Reformer Speaks

Note: The Indiana State Police Alliance released a statement which appears at the end of this article in response to Sen. Bruan’s assertions during the interview.

“No institution in America life has come under more ferocious attack from the mob than local police departments.” Tucker Carslon

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A fugitive’s road to Hazleton started with killing his …

Morning Call PA|June 30, 2020                                                                                        Wade R. Meisberger

Convicted killer Wade R. Meisberger, who was wanted on a probation violation, was killed in a standoff with police after leading them on a chase in a tractor-trailer cab in the Hazleton area. Here’s a timeline of events that brought him from Indiana to Pennsylvania.