A Police Reformer Speaks

Note: The Indiana State Police Alliance released a statement which appears at the end of this article in response to Sen. Bruan’s assertions during the interview.

“No institution in America life has come under more ferocious attack from the mob than local police departments.” Tucker Carslon

Mr. Tucker Carlson interviews Indiana Senator Mike Braun (R), a BLM supporter and would be police reformer, who implies that Indiana police groups support his bill, but when asked, “What law enforcement groups are endorsing your bill?” the police reformer replies, “They’re not endorsing it.”

Braun wants to reform the police by repealing qualified immunity so that after an officer is cleared in a lengthy investigation and determined to have acted lawfully while in the performance of his duties; the officer can still be financially ruined by the local trip and fall lawyers from the We Sue Cops Law Office. By the way, Braun is afforded qualified immunity while in the performance of his duties as a U.S. Senator.

The Truth No Longer Matters

These police reformers claim that while cities are burning, stores being looted and statues being destroyed police need to be reformed because police who are “bad apples” are not being punished. This is a lie. Recently six officers have been arrested in Atlanta, GA, one faces the death penalty, two in Buffalo, NY, and four in Minneapolis, MN. A question for the police reformers, “How many mostly-peaceful rioters have been arrested?” In 2019 at least twenty officers in Baltimore, MD were arrested or disciplined. A year ago, June 2019, more than 100 cops in St. Louis and Philadelphia were under investigation for offensive social media posts which resulted in 72 Philadelphia police officers facing discipline with 17 suspended for 30 days. They received 30 days suspension for posting unapproved thoughts on their off-duty social media accounts.

These reformers should always be asked for specific examples because they are always flush with rhetoric and short on facts.

Screenshot_2020-06-30 Tucker Carlson Tonight

Update: June 30, 2020

In there statement the Indiana State Police Alliance, who Sen. Braun implied supported his bill reads in part: The ISPA is “shocked at the inaccuracies presented on that show”.

One response to “A Police Reformer Speaks

  1. Senator Braun [honestly] speaks like an idiot

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