“Some Vandalism” Not Enough For The Mob

Cops ‘Justified’ When They Fired Over 20 Shots

20 shots? C’mon man? About 15 should be the limit. As Scranton Joe Biden said why didn’t they just  “shoot ‘em in the leg” or fire a couple warning shots and if he didn’t stop just shoot the gun out of his hand.

[Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown] told KSL-TV that although they allowed some vandalism, “they returned and started to breach windows.”

‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’ Utah cops and protesters clash as ‘civil unrest’ rages after ruling fatal police shooting was ‘justified’

Fionnuala O’Leary, News Reporter / Updated: 10 Jul 2020, 15:16Salt Lake City DAs Office

UTAH has declared a state of emergency after violent clashes between police and protesters following the death of a suspect.

Gov Gary Herbert announced the order on Thursday after “civil unrest” erupted in Salt Lake City over Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal’s death in May.

Photos of the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office show the building painted with bloody hand prints after two cops were cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting.

There was also a flyer with a picture of Palacios-Carbajal, the armed man fatally gunned down by cops, who said he reached for his gun.

The Deseret News reported that demonstrators began smashing the office’s window, which is when things escalated and were declared unlawful.

“It was my sincere hope that the protest tonight would remain peaceful as it has night after night,” Police Chief Mike Brown wrote on Twitter.

“Sadly, as they began to break windows at @SLCountyDA office, we declared it an unlawful assembly.”

Later, Brown told KSL-TV that although they allowed some vandalism, “they returned and started to breach windows.”

“We just cannot allow that to happen,” he explained.

Earlier on Thursday, District Attorney Sim Gill declared that cops Neil Iversen and Keith Fortuna would not be prosecuted for the death of Palacios-Carbajal.

He was shot repeatedly on May 23 by police, sparking peaceful demonstrations for weeks, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Video footage showed him picking up what cops said was a gun after before running away, Gill said, reported FOX 13.


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