“Far, far from the finish line”

And We Will Never Ever Cross The Finish Line Because They Will Always Move It

The white guy Tom with the blm sign

“Systemic racism and oppression… exists throughout” the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in every nook and cranny, behind every door, under every table, on top of every mountain, flowing down every river, under every bed, over every horizon, down every coal mine, at the bottom of every lake, pond and mud puddle, across every valley, at the top of every building, in every swamp, in every cellar, on every trail, every field, across every bridge, down every canyon and ravine, through every tunnel, flowing down every stream, creek and brook, every mall, uptown and downtown, on the good side and bad side of the railroad tracks, top of every fire tower, on every corner, every shore, on every covered bridge, in every cave, down every stripping pit, top of every lighthouse, in every barn, up every tree, on every highway, street and avenue, on every viaduct, in every city, borough, township and the Town of Bloomsburg, every stadium, on every football field, on every baseball diamond, on every track, on every golf course, every amusement park, in every bar and restaurant, in every American Legion and VFW…

“We have made progress in six weeks, but we are far, far from the finish line,” Wolf said. “My executive order and the bills I’m going to sign in the next few minutes are still not enough to halt the systemic racism and oppression that exists throughout our commonwealth.”

Gov. Wolf signs two police reform bills – pennlive.com


“Systemic racism is a complex issue, and it has existed for centuries, and in so many ways, it’s ingrained in our society,” Wolf said. Two other police reform bills are headed to the state …

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