Two PA Legislators And Police Reformers

horror [ hawr-er, hor- ] noun

an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear: to shrink back from a mutilated corpse in horror. [in horror I watched as the police officer’s knee touched the subject’s, who appeared to be a person of color, neck

Democratic State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, “a white man” who suffers “from a major depressive disorder and a generalized anxiety disorder” was “horrified” after he viewed a 26 second video in which an Allentown police officer places his knee for approximately 6 seconds against the neck of a subject on the ground who officers were attempting to restrain. The subject has since been charged with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and possession of drug paraphernalia.

How horrified was Schlossberg? He was so horrified “like everyone” who watched the video according to Schlossberg, that he posted on social media that he was “horrified” and couldn’t help but “immediately leap to the worst conclusions.” When you’re an “author” it just takes too long to wait for the full story before tweeting your “conclusions”.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 Area leaders, George Floyd's attorney react to video of Allentown police restraining man

Fellow Democratic State Rep. Peter Schweyer watched the video too and became “distraught” and “jarring“.

Schweyer found the video so “jarring” because of the “countless other acts of violence made by police against people of color across the nation.”

“Like many other people who look like” him [a white man] he’s been listening to the “people of color… stories of intimidation and targeting” by police.

And a congratulations is in order to Rep. Schweyer who was invited and accepted an invitation to join the PA Legislative Black Caucus although a non-voting member of course, because as by his photo you can probably tell he is a white man, or at least he’s white you never know nowadays.



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