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Virus Gives Little Notice To Rule Changes

Virus Changes Rules For Restaurants And Bars With Only Eight Hour Notice

“We have a big order coming in tomorrow for the weekend and I didn’t know that [the rules would be changing] when I ordered it today,” said Harold Brown of Brown’s Country Kitchen.

‘The Virus Is Making The Rules’: Gov. Tom Wolf Imposes Statewide Restrictions On Bars, Restaurants And Larger Indoor Gatherings

Wolf Hey You Can Have Your Constitution Back

Pa. lawmakers complete first step to strip future governors of some emergency declaration authority Continue reading

“The Black employees of the College Board”

In Your Face

Note: Two phone calls were made to College Board. Both times it was related that no one was available to answer any questions regarding the below propaganda on their website.

Imagine if you are the son or daughter, family member of an officer killed in the line of duty.

If your son or daughter submits their SAT scores through the College Board they or you will be greeted with the following message:


We are the Black employees of the College Board. We are hurting Continue reading