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“Facts just don’t matter to the cop-bashers”

NYPD-bashing ideologues just don’t care about reality

By Post Editorial Board / July 16, 2020 | 7:36pm

Every day makes it more obvious that facts just don’t matter to the cop-bashers and the politicians who cater to them. Continue reading

Criminalizing Policing

“A [New York] state law making police use of chokeholds a felony took effect June 18. At the same time, the [New York] City Council passed a law ensuring that a cop could face misdemeanor charges if they are accused of sitting on, kneeling, standing or in any way compressing a person’s neck, chest or back.”

N.Y. State Police union demands Troopers be removed from NYC due to chokehold law

By Denis Slattery, New York Daily News July 17, 2020

ALBANY — The head of the New York State Troopers union is demanding all state police be removed from the New York City over looming reforms.

New York State Troopers PBA president Thomas Mungeer issued a scathing statement on Wednesday “demanding” that state troopers be removed from the five boroughs “and cease any law enforcement activities within that jurisdiction.” Continue reading

“Stop The Violence” Rally Turns Violent

NYPD Chief Monahan Who Broke Ranks To Go Kneel With Protestors In June Takes A Beating In July

NYPD chief who kneeled with protesters in June was just injured by protesters at the ‘Stop the Violence’ rally Continue reading

Lebanon The Naughty County

Wolf Sends Message To 66 Counties In Pennsylvania

66 of the 67 Pennsylvania Counties have received federal funding. Wolf is withholding $13 million in federal funding from Lebanon County. Wolf said it isn’t punishment. [Unnamed] State department of health officials said Lebanon County…

Lebanon County excluded from CARES funds; rules should have been followed: Gov. Wolf

Updated Jul 16, 2020; Posted Jul 16, 2020

By Jana Benscoter | jbenscoter@pennlive.com

The two out of three Lebanon County Commissioners who voted to reopen the county during the coronavirus pandemic before they got the directive from the state should have listened to the rules, Gov. Tom Wolf said Continue reading

Fining Americans Protecting Illegal Aliens

Out-of-state American Travelers Vis-à-vis I Walked Across The Border Or Overstayed My Visa Travelers

2020 New York, USA

Governor Andrew Cuomo made it a felony for any law enforcement officer to share DMV records with another law enforcement agency in charge of immigration like ICE or DHS after passing a law in 2019 allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a New York Drivers License.

Cuomo posted on social media that: “Out-of-state travelers from designated high-COVID states must provide their contact information upon arrival. If you fail to provide it, you will receive a summons with a $2K fine. We’re serious…” Continue reading