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Defining Whitey

Damn White People

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture put out a helpful defining Whitey chart.

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He Wants To Kill You

The bill was written by people who clearly have never been in a fight in their lives, never mind a fight for their life.”

He wants to kill you! While you are rolling on the ground, he is attempting to disarm you. All the while during this fight for your life which will determine if you go home or to the morgue, you must be mindful not to put him in a chokehold or place your knee on his back for if you do, even if it was unintentional, you could be fired and arrested. Then again it might not matter because you could be dead.

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Only 5 States Ordered Nursing Homes To Accept COVID-19-positive patients

“[PA Health Sec. Levine and PA Gov. Tom Wolf] locked down the population that had virtually zero risk of getting any serious problems from the disease, and then spread it wildly among the highly vulnerable age group.”

Gov. Wolf lauds [Gov. Wolf’s] Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts ..2020-07-16

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