He Wants To Kill You

The bill was written by people who clearly have never been in a fight in their lives, never mind a fight for their life.”

He wants to kill you! While you are rolling on the ground, he is attempting to disarm you. All the while during this fight for your life which will determine if you go home or to the morgue, you must be mindful not to put him in a chokehold or place your knee on his back for if you do, even if it was unintentional, you could be fired and arrested. Then again it might not matter because you could be dead.

2020-07-17 NYPD training video warns cops

“It’s insane. A police officer will be guilty even if there’s no intent,” Councilman Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island). “The bill was written by people who clearly have never been in a fight in their lives, never mind a fight for their life.”

N.Y. State Police union demands Troopers be removed from NYC due to chokehold law

Westchester County, Yonkers, Suffolk police instructed to keep out of New York City amid chokehold ban

Fox News|21 hours ago

Westchester County police officials have ordered their officers not to take any enforcement action in New York City in the wake of the enactment of a chokehold ban.

Westchester County cops must stay out of NYC due to …

“Effective immediately and until further notice sworn members shall not conduct any enforcement activity within the confines of the City of New York,” it said. “This includes pursuing subjects into the City of New York for offenses committed in Westchester County.”

Yonkers police officials tell officers to stay out of NYC amid chokehold bill

The Journal News|20 hours ago

Westchester police officials warn officers about New York City legislation that could criminalize restraint actions.

“Despite our best efforts to minimize the use of force, it remains well possible that a police officer’s knee may end up on the chest or back of a violent suspect during a scuffle or arrest, especially during a one-on-one situation,” Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller said.

“We will not subject our officers to the threat of a year in jail every time they have to deal with a violent or mentally ill subject resisting arrest. New York City’s new law goes beyond effective policing. It jeopardizes the safety of both police officers and the public.”

De Blasio Signs Police Reform Bills, Including Chokehold Ban: ‘You Can Feel Change Coming’

Oh Yea! You ain’t seen nothing yet!


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