Protest Road Show Visits Palmerton

Protest draws opposing crowds in Carbon County

Protesters for a Black Lives Matter protest met up at the Palmerton Borough Park Saturday. Counter-protesters also showed up and arguments spurred from both sides.

Author: WNEP Web Staff / Updated: 10:58 PM EDT July 18, 2020

PALMERTON, Pa. — Demonstrators also took to the streets in Carbon County Saturday afternoon.

A black lives matter demonstration was held at Palmerton Borough Park.

Protestors on the Black Lives Matter side met up in the gazebo at the center of the park.

Counter protestors showed up and arguments spurred from both sides.

“When me and Sarah first organized this, we expected a good turnout on our side by like the other side are we expecting some numbers but not as many as they were today. which just proves a lot on how much like we actually need to keep standing up and to put an end to all this racism and division as well,” said Jose Ortiz, Lehighton.

“I think the event is going well except the fact on the black lives matter movement, they argue emotion fear and hate and when you counter facts and statistics, nobody is gaining any ground when you’re yelling at each other. If you can communicate and talk, we can see each other’s side,” said Steve Bachert, Palmerton.

Police were on hand but besides verbal disagreements, everything stayed peaceful here at the protest in Carbon County.

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