BLM Agitator Indicted On Child Pornography Charges

The white guy Tom with the blm sign

Defund the police activist arrested, charged with six …

A prominent New Hampshire Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter activist was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography last week. Chris DeVries is also being charged for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms and falsification of physical evidence, which Jackson, New Hampshire police

“I can say that generally speaking, people should be very cautious about listening to voices suggesting defunding of the police because their motives are not always in the best interest of society.” Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley


NH man who led BLM protest arrested on child pornography …

JACKSON, NH- Chris DeVries, 37, of Jackson New Hampshire, who led the Black Lives Matter protests in New Hampshire last month, has been indicted on child pornography charges.. According to the Washington Examiner, DeVries led a protest back on June 21 called “Skate Away the Hate,” which encouraged participants to ride skateboards down a local highway to show support for the Black Lives …



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