Daily Archives: 1, July 30, 2020

Vice President Pence will be at the Greensburg Police Department

[A]s Mr. Pence and the Greensburg Police Department host the “Cops for Trump” event, local black leaders will be holding a rally to support the Black Lives Matter movement at St. Clair Park starting at 10:00 a.m. until noon.

Vice President Mike Pence Heading To Western Pennsylvania Today

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Release The Data You Said You Had

Power To Destroy

Levine and Wolf would rather talk and talk about a dunk tank at the Bloomsburg Fair grounds while they are destroying the Pennsylvania restaurant and bar industry. It’s past time they share their specific secret data they used to command restaurants to “go from 50% to 25%” and bars to cease operations with only 8 1/2 hours notice.

Pennsylvania restaurant official predicts Gov. Wolf’s coronavirus mitigation order could lead to closure of 7,500 PA restaurants

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‘It’s 24-Hour Crime’ But No Chokeholds

‘It’s 24-Hour Crime’: Neighbors At Lowry & Logan In N. Mpls. Fed Up After Ongoing Violence

CBS Boston / WBZ|July 18, 2020

Gun battles, drug dealing and prostitution — that’s what neighbors in one part of north Minneapolis say they’re dealing with on a daily basis. Continue reading