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U.S. Attorney General Barr Thanks Police Supporters

‘Can we make a quick U-Turn?’: Barr stops his motorcade to thank pro-police rallygoers in Virginia

Danes aren’t required to wear face masks

“Controversial” if forced masking is not implemented

Not controversial if everyone is ordered to wear a mask and the governor threatens those who disobey

Covid Success Story Stands Out for Its Controversial Mask Policy

By Morten Buttler

July 26, 2020, 12:00 AM EDT Updated on July 27, 2020, 2:41 AM EDT

When Europe’s leaders were photographed last week discussing their Covid-19 rescue plan, it was the first time Danes saw their prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, wearing a face mask.

Denmark stands out for its fast and effective response to the virus, leaving it with a death rate that’s roughly a fifth that in neighboring Sweden. But Danes aren’t required to wear face masks, and local authorities generally don’t recommend them. Continue reading

Crazy Italians Whining About Civil Liberties

Don’t They Know: ‘The Virus Is Making The Rules’: Gov. Tom Wolf

Italy is over 5,000 miles away from Pennsylvania and their science is probably way different from our science here in Pennsylvania. Still too bad the Virus doesn’t provide scientific reasoning and facts when issuing it’s rules, while trashing our civil liberties, at least for the curious that care about such things. Perhaps during the Levine and Wolf Show they could let the Virus speak in lieu of the hand-washing instruction segment.

“There was a restriction on civil liberties of the greatest kind, for a long period, and it was right that citizens know what were the scientific, factual and epidemiological reasons behind that.”

[Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte] has faced criticism from opposition parties for ruling with an iron fist during the pandemic and cutting down on civil liberties while being unaccountable to parliament.” Continue reading

Black Lives Matter Supporter And Advocate PA Gov Tom Wolf Threatens Pennsylvanians With Blue Lives

BLM Supporter Wolf Shamelessly Uses Blue Lives To Threaten Pennsylvanians

“Masks are required to be worn in all public spaces. Law enforcement officials are able to cite Pennsylvanians who aren’t wearing a mask in public.” PA Gov. and BLM supporter Tom Wolf

BLM supporter and advocate PA Gov. Tom Wolf goes on the road with the Levine and Wolf show visiting a Dauphin County police station.

Continue reading

Senator Doug Mastriano Stops By PA Gov. Wolf’s Office

July 27 at 11:45 AM Senator Doug Mastriano stops by the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office

Masks Show “Respect” And “Solidarity” And “Virtue”


It Has Nothing To Do With Politics

Dr. Fauci and Colin Kaepernick to receive award for “commitment to social changeContinue reading

PIAA Fall Sports

The Decider Levine Has Yet To Decide

“…decisions ought to be governed by what’s going on locally.” PA Governor Tom Wolf

Who said that?

The 18 member PIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee voted unanimously to approve fall sports but Pennsylvania’s decider Continue reading

The Cost Of 1 Illegal Alien “Dreamer” 4 Americans Whose Dreams Are Over Forever

Joe Biden on July 28, 2020: As President, I will protect Dreamers and their families and offer a roadmap to citizenship for Dreamers and all 11 million undocumented immigrants enriching our country.”

Go tell it to the Harbour, Paglia and White families Joe Biden, I’m from Scranton, PA.

“…the [illegal alien] responsible should never have been in the United States to begin with.”

We are now told that we must strip the civil liberties of Americans because perhaps the voodoo viral mitigation strategies against coronavirus will save just one life. Well, we could save thousands of lives by simply enforcing existing law against people who have no right to be in the country in the first place.” Continue reading

Minneapolis Police Offer Tips To Potential Crime Victims

Hit & Run Media Long Gone

Guilty, my guys murdered him so says their chief: Minneapolis police chief says Floyd’s death was ‘murder’  Who needs innocent unless proven guilty, a fair and impartial trial? And why wait for a verdict takes too long?

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Police Bodycam Footage Floyd Arrest