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Crazy Italians Whining About Civil Liberties

Don’t They Know: ‘The Virus Is Making The Rules’: Gov. Tom Wolf

Italy is over 5,000 miles away from Pennsylvania and their science is probably way different from our science here in Pennsylvania. Still too bad the Virus doesn’t provide scientific reasoning and facts when issuing it’s rules, while trashing our civil liberties, at least for the curious that care about such things. Perhaps during the Levine and Wolf Show they could let the Virus speak in lieu of the hand-washing instruction segment.

“There was a restriction on civil liberties of the greatest kind, for a long period, and it was right that citizens know what were the scientific, factual and epidemiological reasons behind that.”

[Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte] has faced criticism from opposition parties for ruling with an iron fist during the pandemic and cutting down on civil liberties while being unaccountable to parliament.” Continue reading

Black Lives Matter Supporter And Advocate PA Gov Tom Wolf Threatens Pennsylvanians With Blue Lives

BLM Supporter Wolf Shamelessly Uses Blue Lives To Threaten Pennsylvanians

“Masks are required to be worn in all public spaces. Law enforcement officials are able to cite Pennsylvanians who aren’t wearing a mask in public.” PA Gov. and BLM supporter Tom Wolf

BLM supporter and advocate PA Gov. Tom Wolf goes on the road with the Levine and Wolf show visiting a Dauphin County police station.

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Senator Doug Mastriano Stops By PA Gov. Wolf’s Office

July 27 at 11:45 AM Senator Doug Mastriano stops by the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office