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Only California Has More Severe Chinese Wu-Flu Restrictions Than Pennsylvania

liberty (lĭb′ər-tē) n. pl. lib·er·ties

2. a. The condition of being free from oppressive restriction or control by a government or other power.

All Pennsylvanians can be proud that only one state has relinquished more of their liberties than the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania home of the Liberty Bell.

Pennsylvania is the second most restrictive state when it comes to coronavirus rules, report shows

By Karen Shuey kshuey@readingeagle.com / Aug 11, 2020 Updated 14 hrs ago

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has taken the fight against the coronavirus very seriously.

He closed schools. He shut down businesses. He made wearing a mask mandatory. Continue reading

“So, who killed George Floyd? He did.”

So, who killed George Floyd? He did.

The only crime here has been the prosecution’s shockingly incompetent investigation of Floyd’s death. In charging and continuing to prosecute these defendants, Minnesota’s attorney general has failed to take into account the most important and material evidence in the case, i.e., the fact that Floyd’s inability to breathe started while he was still upright and mobile and the scientific proof that his death was the direct and inescapable result of a massively fatal overdose of a powerful and dangerous drug known to cause, in the words of the toxicology report, “severe respiratory depression, seizures, hypotension, coma and death.”

Who Killed George Floyd?

Minnesota’s attorney general needs to pay attention to the available evidence, which in this case is incontrovertible. Continue reading