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Dem Candidate Leads BLM Protest In Front Of MN Police Union Leader’s Home

Has BLM supporter Tom Wolf ever once been asked by the Pennsylvania media to disavow or condemn anything BLM does or says? He does march in their parades.

Now that takes balls! Big tough BLM mob leader curses at and threatens little White girls.

The white guy Tom with the blm signDemocrat John Thompson screams at young White teenage girls: “Don’t run now racist white people! I’m here! Oh yeah, we pull up! We pull the f*** up! Come on over here with yo ‘Blue Lives Matter’ self! Blue Lives ain’t s***!” Democratic candidate John Thompson

What did these White teenage girls ever do to deserve being subjected to the vile language directed at them by an adult black male who is a candidate for a house seat in Minnesota? If you think you can find common ground with people like this, you might want to rethink that position. Should any parent be expected to allow an adult to scream vulgarities at their teenage daughter? What type of people condone this behavior?

This November John Thompson could be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives. If elected it’s very clear who he’ll be representing and it will not be the “white racist motherf******! .

St. Paul Primary Winner John Thompson Leads BLM Protest to Police Union Leader’s Neighborhood, Calls for Violence Continue reading

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