“Black Lives Matter activists roaming the streets and harassing random white people”

You support this Tom? What if it was your wife or daughter. Keep your sign and take away your security… your sign won’t help.

‘Silence Is Violence’: D.C. Black Lives Matter Protesters Adopt Strategy of Intimidating Random White People

The white guy Tom with the blm sign

White PA Gov. Tom Wolf Leads BLM Parade in Harrisburg, PA

Robby Soave | 8.25.2020 5:56 PM

In D.C., these protests took the form of bands of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists roaming the streets and harassing random white people seated outdoors at restaurants. Videos of several of the encounters appeared all over social media on Tuesday. These are short clips, and it’s not possible to say for certain what happened immediately before and after the recordings. Context often matters in viral videos.

But by reviewing all the videos, and eyewitness testimony, it’s possible to arrive at a general understanding of what was going on, and it’s not good. Chanting “silence is violence,” the protesters demanded that people they encountered in the street, as well as the patrons of various restaurants, raise their hands to indicate solidarity with the goals of BLM. Many complied, but some did not. One white woman who declined to raise her hand became surrounded by protesters, most of whom were also white. These protesters hovered over her and even got in her face, as evidenced by the video:


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