Rules Only Apply To The Dirt People Don’t Ya Know

Just Like PA Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and Nancy Pelosi (D) and NJ Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and the Chicago mayor (D) and the New York City mayor (D) and the New York governor (D), et al.  Sanctuary City Philly Mayor Jim Kenney (D) wants people to follow his rules or else

Courageous Philly Mayor puts own health at risk for friend by dining at his restaurant sans mask and indoors. Or maybe he knows something you don’t and actually wasn’t that concerned.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) begs people to follow his rules, “Let’s follow the rules… I beg you to follow the rules.”

Kenney is referring to his numerous restaurant rules and his health commissioner added “we will be quick to close restaurants” that do not follow his rules. Meanwhile: As of August 31st Philadelphia has seen over 300 homicides this year

Pa. mayor who banned indoor dining caught dining inside in Maryland, and chefs are roasting him

Chefs and restaurant owners in Philadelphia are sizzling hot over a photo showing Mayor Jim Kenney, who banned indoor dining in Philly due to COVID-19, enjoying an indoor restaurant meal in Maryland.

The restaurant is owned by the mayor’s friend; but the chefs fume that the mayor is a job-killing hypocrite.

6ABC in Philadelphia reports the mayor’s office confirmed that he went to a friend’s restaurant in Maryland on Sunday.

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