70% of Pa. taverns and restaurants are in jeopardy of closing…

“13% have already closed” “These results shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

PA Gov. Tom Wolf decrees: Starting Monday, Sept. 21 I shall let restaurants increase indoor seating capacity to 50%. But they shall not serve any alcohol after 10:00 PM.

Why now? Wolf’s press release as usual contains numerous additonal regulations restaurants must comply with along with the customary threats but provides zero in the way of science, “granular data”, “contact tracing” or any explanation as to why now. The virus just must have decided to unilaterally change the rules again.

And what about bars? On Monday, August 1st when asked what metrics would have to be met for bars to reopen Wolf said he is focused on getting children back to school, “and anything we do to take our eyes off that ball is going to be a problem.” Well on Thursday, September 3rd Wolf took his “eyes off the ball” to hold a press conference to call for legalization of recreational marijuana. And Wolf should be banned from using any sports analogy until January 2021.

July 15, 2020

‘The Virus Is Making The Rules’: Gov. Tom Wolf Imposes Statewide Restrictions On Bars, Restaurants And Larger Indoor Gatherings.

8 Sept. 2020 at 1024 hours

Survey of Pa. taverns and restaurants shows state COVID-19 orders will likely lead to more closures

Updated 10:24 AM; Today 9:54 AM

Pennsylvania restaurants and bars have been financially hard hit since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many report a drop in business related to indoor capacity limits as well as the fact diners’ confidence levels have dropped off.

Now an unofficial survey by the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association is shining more light on the situation. The association reports the industry is facing a significant loss of small businesses due to state mandated COVID-19 orders.

The survey indicates about 30% of the participating neighborhood-based establishments will likely survive the crisis, suggesting 70% are in jeopardy of closing.

Additionally, the survey showed about 13% have already closed, while 29% of those surveyed said they will likely close by the end of the year. And 23% of owners say they will likely close in 2021 if the state’s orders aren’t lifted.

“These results shouldn’t surprise anyone,” said Chuck Moran, association’s executive director. “When you’re limited to 25% indoor capacity and have seen increased expenses along with other difficulties due to state orders, you can expect a serious crisis to develop. This industry can’t sustain itself under these conditions.


8 Sept. 2020 at 1051 hours

The king wants you to know he cares: “…we must also support the retail food services industry that has struggled throughout this pandemic.” But the king says no booze after 2200 hours.

The Virus unilaterally changes the rules once again

Pa. restaurants can soon open to 50% capacity, but must end booze sales early: Wolf

Updated 10:51 AM; Today 10:38 AM

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced today that starting Sept. 21 establishments can increase indoor seating capacity from 25% to 50%. But Wolf also threw in an additional caveat – restaurants with alcohol sales will have to cut off booze sales at 10 p.m.

“…we must also support the retail food services industry that has struggled throughout this pandemic,” Wolf said in a statement.

Pennsylvania Has The 2nd Most Coronavirus Restrictions In The Nation, WalletHub Report Says

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