“There were a lot of signs” BLM hate group supporter Tom Wolf

The War On Cops

Wolf said when he violated his own stay-at-home orders to protest in Harrisburg against the police, “There were a lot of signs” and said he didn’t see the Blue Lives Murder sign.

BLM supporter Tom Wolf marches in BLM parade with “Blue Lives Murder” sign

Or The “Police Use Our $ To Kill” Didn’t See That One Either.

Black lives matter. Racism must end. I am here to listen.” PA Gov. Tom Wolf

When Gov. Tom Wolf stood at the podium [June 4, 2020] on Thursday to announce a list of law enforcement reforms he wants to implement in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota, the head of the state police force was nowhere to be found.

The presence of Col. Robert Evanchick, the state police commissioner, was not seen as necessary, Wolf said on Friday.

“I was making the announcement,” Wolf said.

Wolf announced among other initiatives the creation of a deputy inspector general to focus on deterring and preventing misconduct and abuse amongst law enforcement agencies under his jurisdiction and the creation of a law enforcement advisory commission that reviews allegations of misconduct by law enforcement under his jurisdiction.

In shaping that law enforcement reform agenda, Wolf said, “We worked with members of the General Assembly and the Legislative Black Caucus and had conversations obviously with state police leadership and also the union.”

But representatives from the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, another law enforcement group under the governor’s jurisdiction, said they were not asked for input. In fact, David Kennedy, president of the troopers association, said, “We were advised only a few hours prior to the press conference” about the governor’s reforms.

Wolf’s spokeswoman Lyndsay Kensinger later clarified the governor’s response.

“Prior to yesterday’s announcement, the governor consulted with community leaders, members of the General Assembly, and the Co-Chair of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, former officer and current [Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Deliquency] Chairmen [and former Philadelphia] Commissioner [Charles] Ramsey. PSP was apprised of the action the governor would take, along with his intention to include them in the process and execution of the policy,” she said.


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