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Real Classy

Shows real class to boo anyone while they are paying their respects. And for anyone who enjoys and condones this behavior.

Hate Has A Home Here In D.C.

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2016 Election: “In Luzerne County, Trump took an astounding 58 percent of the vote in his victorious bid for the White House.”

2020 Election: FBI, PSP probing 9 discarded ballots in Luzerne County At least 7 of the ballots were for President Trump, feds say [2 were stilled sealed]

Trump Spirit Abounds, But There Is No Push for Biden In This PA Swing County

Ellie BufkinPosted: Aug 31, 2020 8:15 PM

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – Donald Trump shocked the nation on a November evening in 2016 when he snatched the commonwealth’s 20 electoral votes from Hillary Clinton in an exceedingly close contest. 

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How’s Baltimore Doing?

How’s Baltimore Doing Since Biden, Obama, Holder, Their Consent Decree and The Hit & Run National Media Fixed The Racist Baltimore Police Department

Baltimore city council proposes renaming the oldest Christopher Columbus Monument in North America to the “Victims of Police Violence Monument.”

And in other news:

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