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Race Irrelevant To The Hit & Run Media When The Criminal Is Black

Clue: When there is no picture (a mugshot is usually available) and no mention of the suspect’s race…

19-year-old Skylar Owen Mooney was fatally shot dead in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when the “suspect” a “deranged” “rifle-toting man” who had “prior weapons charges” tried to steal the car she was driving

Philadelphia Police say Stanley Cochran is the suspect who shot her dead

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No Masks No Social Distancing No Problem

Who Are The Science Deniers

Nearly 6,000 experts, including dozens from the UK, say the approach is having a devastating impact on physical and mental health as well as society. They are calling for protection to be focused on the vulnerable, while healthy people get on with their lives.

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White Mother of Four Murdered by Black Male

Local News (and the Daily Mail which regularly covers stories that don’t fit America’s MSM’s narrative).

After the robber got the money, he shot Maher and then fled, Charles County authorities said in a release Thursday.

Her Name Is Lynn Marie Maher: (White Privilege in Action) While Working at 7-Eleven at 1 A.M., White Mother of Four Murdered by Black Male 

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National News

The case was also investigated by the FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice

Despite the investigation’s findings, acting Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl said his department is not recommending Bernstein be charged with [making] a false police report.

Madison police, federal law enforcement find no evidence biracial woman was attacked

Chris Rickert | Wisconsin State Journal – Oct 3, 2020

Madison police announced Friday they have not been able to corroborate allegations made by a biracial Monona woman that she was burned by four white men in Downtown Madison in June in what was initially reported as a hate crime and garnered national and international attention.

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