Race Irrelevant To The Hit & Run Media When The Criminal Is Black

Clue: When there is no picture (a mugshot is usually available) and no mention of the suspect’s race…

19-year-old Skylar Owen Mooney was fatally shot dead in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when the “suspect” a “deranged” “rifle-toting man” who had “prior weapons charges” tried to steal the car she was driving

Philadelphia Police say Stanley Cochran is the suspect who shot her dead

Philadelphia police identify woman killed in Germantown rampage

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A suspect in a fatal carjacking, who later fired an AK-47 style assault rifle at police, was shot and killed by officers in Germantown, according to the Philadelphia Police Department.
The suspect was identified as Stanley Cochran.


Would this be a national story if the victim was black and the shooter were white?

The “suspect” was a “deranged” “rifle-toting man” who had “prior weapons charges” (that is he was a convicted felon who was unlawfully in possession of that rifle he was toting).

Was he one of those White-Supremacists or something? And he is dead, so are they sure he even identified as a “man”?

The rifle-toting man who was fatally shot by Philly police had shot at and threatened others, cops say

Police identify suspect killed in shootout with officers after deadly rampage in Germantown

‘Deranged’ man killed woman in carjacking during deadly rampage in Germantown: Police

Police: Man Behind Deadly Rampage In Germantown Had Prior Weapons Charges, May Be Linked To Earlier Double Homicide

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