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Mostly Peaceful Religion

Paris attack: Gunman ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ BEHEADS Teacher

A teenager [Media’s dictionary – teenager an 18-year-old who commits a heinous crime; adult an 18-year-old sent off to war] has beheaded a teacher in northern Paris for showing pictures of Prophet Mohammed in class The attack occurred in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, 25 miles from the city centre, before a police …

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Justice Clarence Thomas: “I have no idea what [Biden] was talking about.”

“Who knows. I have no idea what he was talking about.” Justice Clarence Thomas commenting on “Quid pro quo” Joe Biden’s senate confirmation hearing questions.

Public confirmation hearings on the Thomas nomination began on September 10, 1991, and lasted for 10 days

Back The Blue BLEXIT March

“Get A Man!”

Candace Owens’ BLEXIT group pays for some attendees’ travel to Trump’s White House

Great reporting. Now find out and report on who is footing the bill for Antifa and BLM to travel to U.S. cities and riot.