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“If we win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing,” President Trump said

Poll: 51% of Pennsylvania Voters Say They Are ‘Better Off Than Four Years Ago’

A guide to Pennsylvania’s political hot spots

The Keystone State has emerged as a virtual must-win for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

By Holly Otterbein

By HOLLY OTTERBEIN – 10/31/2020 07:00 AM EDT

PHILADELPHIA — The presidential campaign travel schedules confirm it: Until the polls close Tuesday night, Pennsylvania is the center of the political universe.

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Cops Guilty Until Proven Innocent Again

These people don’t need to wait for no stinkin investigations. There is no “alleged” when these people damn the police before any investigation is even begun. “Alleged” is reserved for corrupt scumbag politicians and convicted felons. These are the same people who call documented rioters and looters “peaceful protesters”.

Bernie Sanders apparently has completed his investigation and said the cops “should be arrested” and then “investigated, and prosecuted”.

“The police responsible for murdering him in front of his mother instead of getting him the medical attention he needed should be arrested, investigated, and prosecuted by the Justice Department,” Sanders wrote.

NYPD’s sergeants union blasts Biden, Sanders for Walter Wallace tweets

By Tina Moore – October 29, 2020 | 8:10am

The NYPD sergeants union took aim this week at Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden for their tweets about Walter Wallace, the knife-wielding man shot and killed by Philadelphia police this…

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National FOP: Thomas Westerman “Wolf’s comments are disgraceful!”

He supports BLM, Antifa and the looters not the police and law abiding citizens.

🚨 @GovernorTomWolf’s comments are disgraceful! He is pushing a #False narrative, attacking @PhillyPolice officers. Not only were his comments slanderous, they were jaw dropping: “the protests have been peaceful.” 👀

FYI @TomWolfPA, Philly is on fire

Don’t Believe the Bad #Wolf

Originally tweeted by National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) (@GLFOP) on 1, October 28, 2020.

Philly Cops Were Ordered To Not Arrest Looters

Breaking: OBTAINED BY FOX29 NEWS. Directive from @PhillyPolice executive team. Extremely frustrated officers, both patrol&commanders told me overnight they were”ordered to NOT arrest looters just disperse them”. ‘CAR-2’ is Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton @FOX29philly

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