Do Their Lives Matter

In Today’s PC Poker Some Lives Clearly Matter More

To state the obvious to anyone paying attention, an American murdered by an illegal alien does not receive nowhere near the media coverage of an armed felon with a twenty page rap sheet shot by the police. Not only that, most news outlets don’t even believe it newsworthy the murderer is in the country illegally. Even though facts no longer matter it is indisputable that those murdered by illegal aliens would still be alive if the illegal alien was prevented from entering or had been removed from our country.

Angel Families on National Day of Remembrance: ‘Trump Is the Only One Who Cares About Our Losses’

John Binder 1 Nov 2020

Angel Families are thanking President Donald Trump for recognizing November 1 as a national day of remembrance for American citizens killed by illegal aliens.

On Sunday, Angel Families are honoring their loved ones who lost their lives as a result of illegal immigration. In Phoenix, Arizona, a candlelight vigil is being held for Americans killed by illegal aliens.

For Innocent American Victims of Illegal Criminals

Tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza
Bolin Memorial Park, 1690 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85007, United States

Please come join us

— Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza (@mamendoza480) November 1, 2020

“President Trump has been the only president to hear the plight of what we endure, the agony of our pain that was widely ignored by his predecessors,” Angel Mom Kiyan Michael said. Michael’s son, Brandon Randolph Michael was killed by an illegal alien in Florida in 2007.


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