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Wait Aren’t We “All In This Together”

“…management says they’re hiring extra guards to patrol the area. And insiders tell us that they’ll be carrying guns.”

Celeb-packed apartments to be protected by armed guards on Election Day

By Oli Coleman – October 31, 2020

Where can you get a doorman, pool access and protection from marauding extremists?

The luxe Chelsea apartment building that has been home to Debbie Harry, Pete Davidson and Tim Gunn, among other bold-faced names, is hiring armed guards for Election Day, Page Six has learned.

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Washington DC Prepares For White Supremacists(?) And/Or Proud Boys(?) Rioting Or Mostly Peaceful Protests

Horrifying scenes in Washington DC before the election. Democracy in crisis. #antifa

Originally tweeted by Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) on 1, November 2, 2020.

“If it turns out to be really close and it comes down to Pennsylvania,”

… election law expert Rick Hasen told the New York Times, “God help the United States of America.”

And If It Does Give Credit Where The Credit Is Due

Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Westerman Wolf and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that decided they are in charge of election laws.

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Voter intimidation in Pennsylvania

Member of the Proud Girls maybe that Shapiro is concerned about?

Dem Campaign Intern Engaged in Possible Voter Intimidation

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Displays His Colors

Before Vote Counting Even Begins Pennsylvania AG Declares “Trump Is Going to Lose”

The chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania declares Trump is going to lose Pennsylvania concerned Proud Boys might interfere with election

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Breaking News: Joe Biden Loved The Police…

…when he thought it would help his election during his 50 years in politics.

The below photograph was just released by RT, the Russian 24/7 English-language news channel. The Biden campaign has not denied the picture is Joe Biden overtly in public displaying his affection for the police.

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Joe Biden Demonizing The Police

Biden tells a young girl if you get pulled over by the police it’s because you’re black. What a positive message from a career 47 year Washington politicical swamp creature. Good thing for Biden the Hit & Run national media never asks for any “poof” for his outrageous divisive statements that can have real life and death consequences at a 0200 traffic stop while Biden is warm and safely asleep in his basement with armed security outside.

Oct 26, 2019

Black student, “[Blacks] are pulled over for routine traffic stops and end up dead. If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?”

Joe Biden, “If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over [by the police].”

Biden says there’s “absolutely” systemic racism in law enforcement

Eagles Blue Hens What’s The Difference

Scranton Claymont Pennsylvania Delaware Legal Illegal Riots Peaceful Protests Social Justice Racism News Sports Terrorist Freedom Fighter Up Down Love Hate Fiction Non-Fiction Truth Lies Left Right Free Speech Hate Speech Female Male War Peace 1984 2020

In Today’s Politics What’s The Difference

BIDEN: “I was very happy to have the moniker of being PA’s third senator. I married a Philly girl, by the way. And I’ve got my Eagles jacket on.”

He is wearing a Delaware Blue Hens jacket.

Originally tweeted by Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) on 1, November 1, 2020.

The Swamp Creature Joe Biden

“I’ve never been gainfully employed in my life.” “Middle Class Joe” Biden joked

1969 In Delaware Biden was elected to a county council seat… running on a liberal platform that included support for public housing in the suburbs.

1972 U.S. Senate campaign

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