Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Displays His Colors

Before Vote Counting Even Begins Pennsylvania AG Declares “Trump Is Going to Lose”

The chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania declares Trump is going to lose Pennsylvania concerned Proud Boys might interfere with election

Proud Boys? Are they the ones that have been rioting in the streets?

Trump warns that his lawyers are ready, as one AG calls premature victory

Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro: ‘If All the Votes Are Added Up in PA, Trump Is Going to Lose’

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) declared, three days before the presidential election, that “if all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.”


Shapiro Concerned The Proud Boys Will Attempt To Interfere In Election

We’ve been preparing for this moment for months,” Shapiro said during an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “We will not let any groups, from the Proud Boys to anyone else, step in and interfere with the election in any way.”

Pennsylvania’s Democrat AG Josh Shapiro Tweets, ‘Trump is Going to Lose’|4 hours ago Although ballots have not even been counted, and Election Day is tomorrow, Pennsylvania Attorney General JoshShapiro, a left-wing Democrat, tweeted on Saturday that “Trump is going to lose.”

Shapiro Dares Trump to Sue Over Election Results …

Joseph Stalin — ‘Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.’

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