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Biden – Promises Made Promises Kept

If It Weren’t For Double Standards They Would Have No Standards At All

Mere minutes after being declared the presumptive 2020 presidential winner by the national media, Joe Biden has brought the China Wu-Flu to it’s knees and under control. No longer is there any danger of gathering in large crowds that yesterday and the day before and the day before that, etc. was referred to by the national media as “super-spreader” events. This miracle was performed by Biden even before all the vote counting has ended.

It’s rumored he decided to perform this miracle immediately rather than wait as a sign of good faith and to bring our country together having said, As a boy from Scranton, Pennsylvania it’s just something I thought I should do right away rather than wait. Scranton, PA values you know run deep.

Is Covid over?’ Suddenly Dems like Schumer lead ‘Super Spreader’ events, but it’s ok for them?

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“The Good Ol’ Days”