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Anti-racist BLM Militant Confronts “Stupid White Bitch” At Pro-Police Rally

“Stupid white bitch.”

BLM-antifa in downtown Portland have met up to confront a small pro-police rally outside the Justice Center. https://t.co/5PZpmXvxnl

Originally tweeted by Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) on 1, November 19, 2020.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Champions LGBTQ And Marijuana Legalization From His Taxpayer Funded Balcony

Pride flags are flown outside Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s capitol office. (Photo by Sarah Anne Hughes)

Harrisburg GOP to Fetterman: Go fly a kite, not a flag

By Stephen Caruso| Elizabeth Hardison – November 20, 2020

Harrisburg Republicans are sick and tired of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s flags. So, they’re banning him from flying them.

A temporary budget set to pass this week is on track to include a provision prohibiting any flag except the American flag, Pennsylvania’s state flag, or a flag honoring missing American soldiers from flying over the state Capitol building or Capitol grounds.

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“This is not a bill that can become law.” Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine Offers His Unilateral Opinion On A Bill Passed By The Republican Controlled Legislature To Strip Him And His Health Department Of Their Current Unilateral Authority To Issue Statewide China Wu-Flu Orders

Gov. Mike DeWine said, “[This bill] “would put Ohioans at risk, it would make it hard for [me]… to do what [I think] is necessary for the citizens of this state.”

DeWine added, “This bill is a disaster. This is not a bill that can become law.” And I will veto it out of a “moral obligation.”

Bill to limit health orders passes, but DeWine promises veto

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Republican controlled Ohio Legislature passes bill stripping Republican Governor’s “authority to unilaterally issue health orders.”

Supporters say the legislation provides a needed check on the DeWine administration’s authority to unilaterally issue health orders. Conservatives, in particular, have fiercely criticized many of DeWine’s coronavirus policies, arguing they infringe on personal freedoms and unnecessarily devastate the state’s economy.

Ohio lawmakers pass bill stripping Gov. Mike DeWine of his power to issue statewide coronavirus orders

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