The Same Scumbag Politicians Who Vilified The Police All Spring And Summer Now Want The Police To Enforce Their Unilateral Willy-Nilly China Flu Edicts This Fall And Winter

When the first violent or deadly encounter occurs between the police and a “person of color” captured on video while enforcing a governor’s or mayor’s China Flu edicts how much support will the duplicitous governor or mayor voice for the police? Yes it is a rhetorical question.

June 13, 2020During a press briefing on Saturday, [Democratic New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo told protesters they “won” by protesting over the issues of police violence and systemic racism…

“We heard you. You’re right. We agree with you, protesters,” Cuomo said, revealing a plan to “remake” police departments within a period of nine months.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has warned law enforcement they have to implement his Covid restrictions over Thanksgiving.

Buffalo Gym Owner Kicks Out Police, Health Official

By Eric Mack    |   Sunday, 22 November 2020 11:22 AM

In a protest of Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resurgent coronavirus lockdowns, a Buffalo gym owner staged a “protest inside” Friday, and the gathering told Sheriffs deputies and a health inspector to “get out.”

The tense exchange was recorded and posted on social media, but the officials were forced to leave and no arrests were made, The Buffalo News reported.

“It absolutely was a protest – inside my building,” California Road gym owner Robby Dinero, a Marine who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, told the News.

After rejecting the officials’ presence and accusing them of trespassing, the group at the gym chanted, “Get out, get out!” the video shows.


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