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“Extra” MD State Troopers To Enforce Capacity Limits, Physical Distance Limits And Patrons Must Be Seated To Be Served At Bars, Restaurants And Banquet Halls Also MD’s 24-hour Rat Line Is Expanding

Extra state troopers also will be assigned to work with local police and health officials on education and enforcement of the pandemic restrictions, which also include capacity limits, physical distancing requirements and rules that patrons must be seated in order to be served. They will focus on all venues that host gatherings, such as bars, restaurants and banquet halls. The state also is expanding its 24-hour hotline for reporting violations, which can be reached via 833-979-2266 or Prevent.Covid@maryland.gov.

In other news: The number of homicides in Baltimore in 2020 continues to outpace 2019’s record-breaking per capita rate…

Baltimore County hit a disturbing new record in 2019 when its homicide rate reached the highest it has been in decades…

Maryland to step up enforcement of coronavirus restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving with help of state police

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“The virus is what’s doing this. It’s not me.” said BLM Advocate And PA Gov. Thomas Westerman Wolf

Pa Gov sticks it to bar and restaurant owners again with alcohol ban

New Pennsylvania coronavirus measures include stay-at-home advisory, Thanksgiving Eve ban on alcohol sales at bars and restaurants

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“[I]t is ironic to note the tyranny, which the freedom-loving Pilgrims escaped from, has returned to our great nation…”

Pennsylvania issues prohibition-style ‘order’, shuts down off-premise alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve

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The Most Powerful Couple In The History Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Nolte: The Lunacy of Pennsylvania Democrats Outlawing Liquor Sales on Thanksgiving Eve

by John Nolte24 Nov 2020

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat and fascist, has just will-nilly, with no authority from the spineless eunuchs in the Pennsylvania legislature (that should be impeaching him), outlawed the sale of alcohol starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) and ending at 8 a.m. Thursday morning (Thanksgiving Day). But…

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