The Most Powerful Couple In The History Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Nolte: The Lunacy of Pennsylvania Democrats Outlawing Liquor Sales on Thanksgiving Eve

by John Nolte24 Nov 2020

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat and fascist, has just will-nilly, with no authority from the spineless eunuchs in the Pennsylvania legislature (that should be impeaching him), outlawed the sale of alcohol starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) and ending at 8 a.m. Thursday morning (Thanksgiving Day). But…

He’s only outlawing the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants. You can still buy all the booze you want at the store.

Wait till you hear his rationale


Oh, and let’s not forget the good doctor bringing his own 95-year-old mother home from a nursing home during the pandemic. Someone apparently knew it wasn’t safe but didn’t tell the rest of us, and then ensured it was less safe.

I’m sorry. I know we are no longer allowed to say these things out loud, but people who believe they are the opposite of their biological sex are dealing — and this is documented — with psychological and emotional problems. These folks should be treated with respect, receive all the counseling they require, and I wish them nothing but a long, happy, and fulfilling life. But the truth is the truth and the truth is that Levine would be on safer biological grounding claiming to be a black man. Your sex is stamped into your DNA. Your race is not.

This is no way to run a state or a country.

You get what you vote for, and Pennsylvania voted for a Democrat governor.


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