“The appeal of the despot is always the same: give up what you have now and I will create Heaven on Earth.”

Roman citizens at one point in their history had had more than any other citizens in the world. They had a strong tradition of property rights, low taxes and a voice in their politics. All of this was guaranteed by a republican form of government which placed an extremely high premium on the rule of law. During the glorious days of the Roman Republic, law was over the king and not the king over the law. That all changed with the coming of the Caesars who promised greater wealth, greater privileges and eventually bread (welfare) and circuses (violent entertainment). There is only one thing the Romans needed to give up in order to gain these benefits: their republican form of government. That sort of appeal only works against a particular kind of people: ungrateful people.

Ingratitude, The Destroyer Of Nations; Thanksgiving, The Restorer Of NationsJerry Bowyer – Posted: Nov 24, 2020 9:00 AM

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