BLM Advocate And PA Gov. Tom Wolf “Failed To Do The Right Thing?”

Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Westerman Wolf on ordering bars to cease alcohol sales at 1700 on Thanksgiving Eve or as he put it on “the biggest day for drinking” “the day before Thanksgiving”: “The virus is what’s doing this. It’s not me. It’s not the administration. It’s not the government.”

On Monday, December 7 Wolf blamed the rise in the China Flu on Pennsylvanians not doing “the right thing“. Well then, when was Wolf unmasked? Did he have family over for Thanksgiving? Did he eat at a restaurant? Did he cut “Happy Birthday” short while washing his hands (he does still identify as a male… correct?)? Did he patronize a speakeasy? Okay there is no way he went to a bar. Was he not practicing social distancing? Pennsylvanians need to know. Thomas Westerman had to violate one of the above to have caught the Wu Flu. Right?

If you have listened to or watched the the Levine & Wolf Show you know how quick Wolf is to admonish Pennsylvanians for not following his unconstitutional edicts. He just recently threatened Pennsylvanians with additional edicts for not following his unconstitutional edicts or as he put it, doing “the right thing” during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We wish Wolf a speedy recovery, let this be a teachable moment for him. It is now incumbent upon Wolf to immediately share exactly how he got the China Flu. Quite obviously, as he has done in the past, he choose to blatantly ignore one or more of his unconstitutional edicts. Which ones and how many? Wait… was there a recent police protest march?

What if Levine tests positive too and then we find out that… never mind suddenly felt nauseous.

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf tests positive for COVID-19

Penn Live|2 hours ago Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf has tested positive for the coronavirus but said he is feeling well and has no symptoms. His office released a statement from the governor on Wednesday afternoon. It said,

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