No Security At Pennsylvania Ballot Drop Boxes – Seriously? Duh! What’s The Point Of This “News” Story

So what even if the drop boxes were in secure locations, prove that it would have changed the election. Election “fraud” is extremely exceedingly very very rare hardly ever ever almost never happens and only matters if you can prove with a 99.44% certainty that it would have changed the election. That is also why there is no need whatsoever for voter ID laws. And besides, asking a “person of color” for an ID before voting is racist too. You should only have to produce an ID to board a flight, check-in to a hotel or motel, purchase tobacco products even if your 80 years old, purchase alcohol, attend the DNC convention, purchase a hunting license, purchase a fishing license, purchase a cell phone, purchase a firearm (which is protected under the 2nd Amendment while voting is not a constitutional right), purchase certain cold medicines, legally purchase a vehicle, legally sell a vehicle, get the “free” China Flu test in PA, rent a car, apply for your EBT card(?)…

Short Story On EBT Cards

A Trooper with several years on the job who worked in the vice-unit was participating in the service of a search warrant. They had searched the residence for about an hour and were just about to wrap-up when the Trooper realized they had not come upon any EBT cards. This was highly unusual. How unusual? The Trooper had served or assisted in the service of dozens of warrants and the one item always found, even if no drugs were, were EBT cards. As in cards, in the plural, multiple EBT cards in different names. Pondering this the Trooper scanned the room and then looked up at the drop ceiling, pulled a chair over, stood on it and lifted a tile. Shining his flashlight above the drop ceiling, the beam came upon a tin about the size of a cigar box. On that fateful day the streak would not be broken.

Amistad Project lawyer: No security for ballot drop boxes in PA

Dr. Gina Prime Time Amistad Project lawyer: There was no security…

Amistad Project special counsel, Tom King, says that there was no security at ballot drop boxes in Pennsylvania, allowing people to put multiple ballots in.

Pennsylvania [Democrat] Supreme Court sides with Democrats

Sep 17, 2020 – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday extended the state’s absentee ballot deadline and approved of the use of mail-in ballot drop boxes, giving Democrats a win in the battleground state.

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